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Due to global warming, vine growing has been moving to a more northern part of the world, but 20 years ago the French laughed at the English when they started to grow the vine, but today the quality of the English sparkling wine is on pair with what the French used to be.

Since they started to make wine in Norway and Finland – even in Greenhouses – we feel like it is time to make it here.


We want to build 2 types of greenhouses. One around 16.000m2 of polytunnels where the geothermal energy is used to keep the soil frost-free all year round, and plant in them around 10.000 vine plants, grow grapes and make sparkling wine. We also want to build a more high-tech greenhouse, where we will be able to manipulate the seasons, making conditions for southern grapes such as pinot noir and chardonnay to grow here, even during the winter.

And why do we want to grow it during the winter? Because the infrastructure is expensive, we will only be able to produce around 20.000 bottles of wine per year and for the vineyard to show a profit, we want to combine agriculture with the hospitality industry, to be able to welcome guests for a vineyard experience, inside a greenhouse in Iceland.

We plan to offer guided tours through our vineyard, with wine tasting and dining, where we educate visitors about how geothermal energy can be used to grow almost anything, anywhere. And then the topping of the cake, we want to use the leftovers that fall from the wine-making and the geothermal energy, to offer our visitors a vinotherapy spa and pool, in the comfort of a temperature-controlled greenhouse. 

We are currently in the stage of looking for investors for this amazing project, which if we are lucky enough to receive in the following months, we would be able to start building already next summer.


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