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Design & Construction

Building almost 20.000m2 of greenhouses is a large and complicated construction. Here you will find all the necessary information. We are still working on the material so please visit again at a later stage. 

Site Plan Riftún

The land Riftún in Ölfus has already been planned for the construction of Vínland. It is however still for sale and needs to be bought before continuing.

The location at Hjarðarból is also up for consideration. That site needs to go through planning. 

Architectural drawings

Arkis architects are currently completing the design of Vínland

The greenhouses

Two types of greenhouses will be used at Vínland. 


  • 16.0000m2 polytunnels from Finland. 

  • 3000m3 glasshouses from the Netherlands. 

Building management

Efla consulting engineers will take care of the engineering management of Vínland. They will receive the drawings from Arkis and the initial cost analysis and the building project. 

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