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Marketing Plan

In our marketing plan, we want the "sexiness" of Vínland to come through. We want it to focus on land - being the playground - but for adults. 

At the same time, the Vikings named North America after the wine they could make from the berries they found there, and we want to represent wine-making in the country where these Vikings came from. 

The marketing needs to attract local visitors as well as tourists. But we also want our wine to be known on a global scale in the next 10-20 years and therefore all marketing plans need to be made with that in mind. 

Wine Bottles

Wine Industry

One of the most interesting facts about the global wine industry, is that even though consumption increased by 9% in 2021, production decreased by 4%. The reason behind the reduction in production is extreme weather conditions caused by global warming and at this moment no solutions in sight. 
The revenue of the wine industry in 2021 reached $ 306,196 million in 2021 and is predicted to grow annually by 10.1% until 2025. 

Most interesting emerging wine producers are coming from South England, Virginia USA, Denmark and Sweden, with high quality wine.. 

We will be accessing this market by attending wine shows and forums, go into collaborations with universities teaching oenology and invite news reporters to follow the process of the establishment of a vineyard in a greenhouse.  


Icelandic tourism is at a steady grow. It did take a hit like in every country during Covid, but so far in 2022 1.2million tourists have passed through Keflavík airport. 
2018 was the record year with 1.8 million visitors. 

70% of all tourists visiting Iceland travel to the south, a trip passing through Ölfus while visiting the waterfall, geysers, glaciers and black beaches the south is most known for. 

Tourism marketing will include collaboration with travel agencies and tour operators, cruise ship visitors and online presence. 

Viking Boat Sculpture


Friðheimar - Tomato farm in south Iceland. They have a restaurant where leftover tomatoes are used for a dining experience, inside a greenhouse where the tomatoes are grown. 

Finish Wines - the wine industry in Finland is currently the hottest market in the wine world. New varieties of grapes are being grown in greenhouses. 

Astad Vingard & Spa - restaurant, hotel, and spa in south Sweden. 

Hvammsvík - Restuarant and geothermal baths in Hvalfjörður, a short distance from Reykjavik. ​

PR & Social Media

Public relations and social media is the most important factor in the marketing strategy.

The plan is to hire someone to work in-house early on in our operation, to create a "hype" for the opening of the vineyard, and then, more importantly, keep the hype going. 

We feel it is important to be active on all major social media outlets, with regular photos and videos to share. 

It is also important to participate in various trade fairs, both for the tourism industry, meeting and event market, and the vine industry.

Raising a Toast
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