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Vínland spa is a spa that combines Icelandic nature and grape wood in treatments that cannot be found anywhere else in Iceland.

The specialty of Vínland spa compared to other spas in Iceland is the specialized body treatments called Vinotherapy. In Vinotherapy, the active substances from grapes grown at Vínland vineyard and active substances derived from Icelandic herbs are used to provide customers with the perfect body treatment. In addition to vinotherapy, other body treatments and facial treatments will be available. You will also be able to enjoy and relax in a wonderful environment where there are hot tubs, pools and relaxation areas.

Vínland spa will specialize in making the most of what Icelandic nature can give by using Icelandic natural skin care products from one of the main producers on the Icelandic market in the treatments that will be available. It is planned to start a collaboration with one of the main manufacturers in Icelandic skin products, who will help us design and produce our own body products that will be used at Vínland spa.

Treatment example

Bowl of Grapes

Grape body scrub with wrap

The treatment begins by scrubbing the body with a grape scrub made from grape skins, grape seeds and grape seed oil. When the whole body has been scrubbed, a wrap is placed over the body to achieve maximum effectiveness of the substances in the scrub.

Making Wine

Vino bath

The bath is enriched with grape extracts along with organic essential oils and salts to stimulate your circulatory system and reduce tissue swelling by draining and boosting circulation for an exceptional moment of relaxation.

Beauty Products

Facial treatment

It starts with surface cleansing, then deeply cleansed, active ingredients are applied to the skin and ends with a specially selected face mask.

Each treatment is individually selected according to the needs of each individual.

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